- offers generous size finger holes for an excellent grip whether the blade is held down from the fist or extending from the top of the hand. United Cutlery's exclusive Undercover Series has been a leader in urban defense tools. Easily concealable and and provides effective personal defense while undetected until the second you need to deploy them.

The Karambit

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- Awesome, comfortable lightweight design, that’s durable, very breathable, and functional. It’s definitely cooler than a regular tactical cap! Highly breathable mesh panel for moisture wicking, and since it doesn’t have the button on top you can wear it under a kevlar helmet.

Condor Mesh Tactical Cap

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- Fully adjustable, left handed tactical leg holster, featuring a wrap-around design to fit every weapon size from a standard sidearm to a sidearm with a laser or light attachment. Provides quick left hand access to medium and large pistols, and features a retention system with an additional hook and loop strap to secure weapon.

Condor Tornado Tactical Leg Holster

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Aequitas Firearms Training (Pty) Ltd (AFT) is a PFTC (Professional Firearms Training Council) and SAPS (South African Police Service) accredited training provider within the firearms industry.

The company is co-owned by two highly qualified instructors Johan Potgieter and Edwin Vermuelen who have both undergone extensive firearms training ranging from basic to advanced and including tactical levels.

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